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cloud_marketing_automation’s mission is to help sales and marketing directors of mid-sized B2B companies like yours thrive in the cloud, through:

  • Marketing Automationwe develop and optimize sales lead generation programs to let you scale your prospect marketing and client communication, and so effectively grow your business.
  • Digital Marketing, beyond Marketing Automation. Marketing covers a range of areas, from loyalty programs, competitor analysis, content strategy to social media planning.

We work with company sales and marketing directors like yourself to develop Best Practices, sort out specific challenges, and propel your creative work to help you achieve your targets. We’d like you to benefit from our extensive online sales, marketing and business planning consulting experience.

Beyond experience, our toolbox is full with the best tools we have identified and used over the years. Eg. Our comprehensive Competitive Intelligence tool gives you a real competitive advantage in your SEO and natural search ranking. At this stage, Pardot is our email marketing platform of choice for B2B engagements and are Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants.


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Big Picture Strategic Focus

What sets us apart is not that we anchor practical recommendations to your strategic business objectives. We help you envision the future as well as help you implement a campaign. At the end of our consulting engagement, you are implementing your strategic digital marketing plan and are propelling your company in the direction you want it to grow.

“I like my team to instil marketing automation capabilities in your business so that they support your day-to-day sales & marketing. (vs. ‘someone in your team configuring a software that’s disconnected from your daily business).” ~ Astrid van Dorst


What’s on Your Mind

cloud marketing questions By understanding business marketing needs and our expert knowledge of both online marketing and available technology solutions, is perfectly placed to assist your marketing automation implementation, strengthen your online brand presence and manage your digital marketing success. And we are passionate about doing so.

    If words like…

  • B2B Revenue Acceleration
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Enhanced Demand Generation
  • Sales Pipeline & Process Improvement
  • Better Retention & Renewalsdigital_customer_communication ::
  • Improved Marketing ROI

.. excite you, daily, then talk to us!


How Can We Help You?

Establish yourself as a digital marketing top performer in your industry to differentiate yourself from the laggards. This is how we can help you:


We consult in 4 stages

Stage 1. Marketing Cloud Analysis & BRP

Every consulting engagement is kicked off with a Strategy Meeting. This helps us understand and document your business strategy, marketing objectives and specific goals. These will be our guiding principles for all our work.

Following this kick-of meeting, we will develop a thorough understanding of your business by applying an Analytical Model for Marketing Automation. And note here, that when we say marketing automation, we really mean much more than lead scoring; programmatic campaigns and preference centres. We really mean… all of digital marketing.

Have a look….

Analytical Model for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation analysis,

You can see that the marketing automation function links to all other digital marketing locations, such as your CRM, website and social media channels. In our review, we will place your marketing automation intends in the context of your actual technology, processes and people. And not just your number of headcount, also their skills and knowledge of digital marketing are considered. So that we can develop a training program that is just right for you.

Unique Challenges
The reality is that no company has it together completely. Some need revving up the quality of marketing materials, others need to learn ‘how to tweet’ to gain better conversion rates from their Twitter efforts, while others need training across the board, or simply a hand getting it all ready in time for a new product launch. Whatever your challenge, we’ll work with you to creating solutions.

We use our analytical model for existing users and newcomers to marketing automation. Both will gain valuable, practical insight from our cloud marketing analysis. This comprehensive analysis will help new marketers understand their marketing automation- readiness. The process will surface what marketing assets must be developed and deployed, and what training and resources are needed. As we have an applied view of marketing automation, our wider perspective helps you go beyond just optimising or learning the platform.


Meanwhile, existing marketing automation users will gain a better understanding of existing marketing automation trouble spots and insights on how to improve. Type A – marketers will use our analysis to identify digital marketing aspects that are not yet Best-of-Breed.

So whether you are just starting out, and are just discover marketing automation, whether you are stabilizing your Pardot functioning or whether you are ready to now scale – we are passionate to help you.


Stage 2. Recommendation Report & Implementation Planning

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      We are as results-driven as you are. The benefits of our evaluative consulting work are:


  • Improved lead management process
  • Technical and business process enhancements
  • Specific metrics & KPI to develop and measure
  • Best Practices: from data-driven marketing to precision marketing
  • An implementation time table with recommended priorities, timelines and resource requirements.



Stage 3. Configuring Your Marketing Automation Platform

As Certified Pardot Consultants we will be able to swiftly set you up and configure your marketing automation platform for you. Agile working methods ensure a bi-weekly delivery of work. You provide us with the marketing assets, and we will configure Pardot so that these assets are put to use for you.

Configuration can include:


  • Email templates and campaigns.
  • Drip feed programs for different kind of customers or individual promotional campaigns
  • Tagging of your assets and workflows for easy management
  • Tracking of special pages, such as price lists, landing pages, and report downloads as well as your online ad campaigns through custom redirects
  • A/B testing
  • Automation rules & completion actions so that marketing employees and AE’s receive the information they need to act swiftly when leads are hot, and other marketing work flows are supported
  • Connectors that allows your Pardot data to sync with third party applications. There are CRM connectors, Webinar and event connectors, data and analytics connectors, social sharing and social posting connectors and more. Anything from Salesforce CRM, to Google AdWords, to Wistia and Facebook.



While this project description encompasses the flow for companies that are new to marketing automation, our workflow and engagement can be tailored to support you for a specific product launch or other kind of business event that require additional marketing automation resources.



Stage 4. Documentation & Trainingdigital marketing assets :: folder icon

While we stay available to continue to champion your success and advise you on specific challenges as you morph from being a good to a great digital marketer, we’d like to do as much skill transfer as possible throughout the project. This can be topped off with a training module at the end to hone in on specific issues that are important to you.

Training is crucial to your ongoing success of marketing automation. If your company is completely new to marketing automation platforms, we suggest training early on in our engagement rather than at the end.


Digital Marketing beyond Marketing Automation

There’s more. Such as… Competitive Intelligence….?! Or, Customer Analysis, to determine what content to produce for your content marketing strategy? Are you Social Listening, and do you have a response plan in place?

  • Looking at it vis-a-vis your competition ….  Today, marketing automation is one of the greatest opportunities in the cloud. Yet, many companies have not really integrated digital marketing into every aspect of their marketing, nor are they fully leveraging the existing platforms they are paying for. Perceived and real entry barriers have  stopped them in their tracks.   If you can take overcome these barriers before your competitors do, you can excel as a high performer, separating you from the laggards in your industry*.   Simultaneously, let us share competitive insights and intelligence to keep you abreast of changes and novelties that you might like to adopt also.
  • Social listening lets you learn everything that’s being said about your brand. But at least as important is to know what your competition is doing online. Besides your clients, your peers in your industry are the best catalysts to instigate change in your organization. There is wealth of information and ideas out there that is specific to your industry. There are also many online benchmark and competitor intelligence tools that we can put to good use for you.Lets’ first understand what your competitive situation is. Then, we will recommend our tools and plan of attack.

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