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Social Media Planning for Sales & Marketing

While there is great overlap between social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, We-Heart-it, Pinterest and others, in terms of features and audiences, each social media also induces its own unique customer behavior and thus offers a slightly different business opportunity. For example, it could be argued that Facebook is a better tool to get to know a person (personal values, likes/dislikes), while Twitter offers a better aid in understanding what a person does. Overlapping shades of social media benefits.

Your social media plan should take advantage of the slightly different benefits of the range of social media out there and pick those social media channels that best suits your type of business. If you are in fashion, obviously you must be on Pinterest, Polyvore, We-Heart-it, Flickr, and Tumblr, to name a few. However, if you are a B2B widget seller…. or, to stay in consumer markets: if you are a resort owner and must fill up your summer vacation rentals, your social media plan must embrace completely different actions and social media channels.

Connect Your Efforts to Your Business Goals

Before it’s overlooked, your social media plan is to start with business objectives, which then break down into social media goals, which then break down into a series of tactics using various social media.

social media planning

From a sales & marketing point of view, your social media plan should touch upon the 5 vantage points of social media:
1. the ability to listen .. to customers as well as competition and industry participants
2. the ability to learn … who customers are and what they need
3. the ability to engage .. with customers. This engagement should stretch beyond the direct sales function into the pre-sales and customer services functions as well.
4. the ability to influence … and transform dissatisfaction into loyalty
5. the encompassing need to analyse, reflect on and respond to market inquiries and needs.

Social Media Planning for Your Entire Business

The social media opportunity sphere goes beyond direct sales however. The opportunity of social media affects every business function, not just sales and marketing. A plan is paramount to embrace the company-wide range of social media business objectives.

Social Media as Employee-empowering Tool

When social media is used to improve collaboration within the business organisation, the social media plan is also used for internal teams and supplier integration. In this case, the vantage points of social media are exploited to improve internal and supplier communication efficiency and responsiveness as well.

Social Media Moving Center-stage

As enterprises evolve their use of social media and cloud computing for internal communications and business operations, social media will take more and more center stage as a fundamental communication tool. Obviously, an increasingly holistic social media strategy plan is needed to manage the process.

In this slide show you will find 30 ideas to further your current plan stronger, at any stage of your social media adoption. It contains suggestions for you to further your social media strategy development, how to listen & engage customers and the wider community, and how to measure social media results.

30 Ideas For Your Social Media Plan

source slideshow: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Radian6

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